The installation of the Eye Tracker depends on your chosen model.

Below you will find instructions for the Tobii 4C eye tracker:

1. Mount your Eye Tracker in the middle underneath your screen

  • Take an adhesive strip from the Tobiibox and glue it to the middle of the lower edge of your desired screen (laptop or monitor)
  • Note that you can only use NUIA with the screen to which the Eye Tracker is attached
  • Clamp the Eye Tracker to the adhesive strip (magnetic adhesion)
  • Connect your Eye Tracker to your computer via USB port

2. Install the latest software for Tobii at

After installing the software Tobii will guide you through the setup of your eye tracker. Very important is your personal calibration for the Eye Tracker. Here you can also create several profiles. If, for example, you switch between glasses or contact lenses, you should create your own profile.