The Smart Teleport teleports your cursor from one point to another. You can save your mouse movements enormously. The pointer jumps intuitively to your current viewpoint. You only have to move your mouse minimally in the direction of your point of view. The distance for a mouse teleport must be approx. 6cm between the mouse pointer and your wanted location. If the distance is less, no teleport will happen. In the case of a teleport, a short animation shows the start and end points of the mouse pointer.

Mouse teleport from left to right (left circle - teleport start, right circles - teleport destination)

What makes the mouse teleport so "smart"?

NUIA recognizes buttons and clickable surfaces on the surface. With this knowledge, the mouse teleport can jump even more specifically to these elements.

The Smart Teleport also has the ability to understand the structure of the user interface for customized applications such as Microsoft Office applications or CAD programs. This means that NUIA recognizes the difference between toolbars/navigation bars and work surfaces (see figure below).

Illustrator - Differentiation between toolbars/navigation bars (blue - toolbars/navigation bars, green - workspace)

When teleporting from workspace to toolbar, the exact mouse position in the workspace is noted and marked with a transparent white circle (see picture below). When moving back to this point, the mouse pointer is teleported back to this marker pixel by pixel. Your workflow can thus be facilitated and accelerated.

Marking of the last mouse position after a Smart Teleport from the workspace (marker, left in picture - white transparent circle)