About 4tiitoo & NUIA

When was 4tiitoo founded?
4tiitoo was founded in 2013 and is supported by well-known investors and various alumni programs (e.g. German Silicon Valley, Plug And Play, Startup Autobah...
Fri, 7 Sep, 2018 at 3:41 PM
Where does the name NUIA come from?
NUIA stands for "Natural User InterAction" and is based on the term NUI (Natural User Interface) from the field of human-computer interaction. The...
Tue, 27 Nov, 2018 at 12:21 PM
What is NUIA?
NUIA is the heart of our technology (see figure below - blue layer). It creates the missing connection of sensors to the respective applications and transla...
Tue, 27 Nov, 2018 at 3:17 PM