Firewall requirements for automatic KPI Uploads

This article adresses the IT departments of our customers who want to automate the KPI uploads during the KPI phase.

Each time NUIA starts the user's locally stored KPI data is sent to the 4tiitoo cloud storage, which runs by AWS (Amazon Web Services). These IP addresses are used: Ipv4 eu-central-1 S3 Ipv4 eu-central-1 S3 Ipv4 eu-central-1 S3 Ipv4 eu-central-1 S3

2a05:d050:4000::/40 Ipv6 eu-central-1 S3
2a05:d079:4000::/40 Ipv6 eu-central-1 S3
2a05:d07a:4000::/40 Ipv6 eu-central-1 S3
2a05:d078:4000::/40 Ipv6 eu-central-1 S3

Please make sure that these IP addresses are authorised for your firewall.

If the KPI data cannot be uploaded automatically, users must upload their KPI data manually.

The automatic upload of the KPI data uses the "https" protocol.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.

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