How can I test/improve the calibration?

If you have difficulty hitting or triggering elements with your gaze, you may have an inaccurate calibration. This means that your viewpoint is shifted on the screen and is detected incorrectly by your eye tracker.

In this case we recommend a recalibration (Traymenu < Eye Tracker Profiles < Recalibrate). In most cases this will improve the accuracy. Please note that this should only be done when the gaze has a large offset because NUIA learns to improve your gaze point over time and this functionality gets reset when recalibrating. 

To check the accuracy of your calibration, you can visually display your gaze point (Traymenu < Show my gaze).

If you still notice a very high inaccuracy of your viewpoint after several recalibrations, you can also try to have only one eye (left/right) calibrated for your eye tracker (Traymenu < Eye Tracker Profiles < Create new profile).

Please note that with some eye tracker models a visual impairment (from ~4 diopters, astigmatism, anisometropia, etc.) or Varifocals can play a role for an exact recording of the eye data.