Pensieve - Temporary screenshot via gaze control

The NUIA Pensieve is like a graphical clipboard. Information from a program is then always available to you. To do this, create a screenshot of an area of your screen via gaze and display it at a desired location in another program.

How does it work?

In the following we will show you a simple example with Excel and Word. For demonstration purposes, a transparent circle is shown as the current point of view.

1. Look at the wanted area

View on Excel entries

2. Take screenshot - press "Alt Gr" twice in a row

Transparent blue rectangle displays the captured screenshot

3. Place screenshot - switch to other application and view desired position

Positioning with the help of the gaze

4. Place screenshot at wanted position via gaze - press "Alt Gr" once

Temporary screenshot in left corner

5. Don't show screenshot anymore -  press "Alt Gr" once again