Pensieve - Your gaze controlled screenshot tool


The Pensieve creates screenshots, supported by your gaze, and copies them to the clipboard. You can display the created screenshot anywhere on the screen, so that information from another program is always available.

Create a screenshot

Look at the area you want to take a screenshot of and press the "right Alt" key twice in quick succession. The Pensieve will be displayed and you can edit the screenshot.
The following options are available to you:

  • Copy: Copy the screenshot to the clipboard

  • Save as: Select a folder where the screenshot will be saved to an image file.

  • Save: Save the screenshot in the last used folder (This option is only available if "Save as..." was used at least once)

  • Mark areas: Here you have different options to mark, mask or outline areas in the screenshot.

  • Ok: Close the Pensieve

As soon as you close the Pensieve the screenshot will be copied to the clipboard and you can paste it into any application.

Create a quick screenshot

If you just want to take a screenshot that is immediately available in the clipboard, press the  "right Alt" key once briefly and then immediately long press it. In this mode, the edit mode of the Pensieve is not displayed.


Display the screenshot

Once you have taken a screenshot with the Pensieve, you can display it anywhere. Look at the area where you want to display the screenshot and press the "right Alt" key once. If you want to change the position afterwards you can move the Pensieve with your mouse.

To edit the displayed screenshot press the edit icon at the bottom of the Pensieve.

To close the Pensieve either click on the X in the upper right corner or press the "right Alt" key once again.