Quick Click - look and click

Quick Clicks allow you to set a click with your gaze. You can set a left mouse click at your current viewpoint anywhere on your screen (where the eye tracker is mounted).

You can execute the click with the keyboard or the mouse buttons. In this way you do not have to move your mouse to the target and you can also only click with the keyboard. This saves you having to switch between keyboard and mouse.

The following table shows you which keys can be used for the Quick Click:

NUIA Mouse Button


Briefly press both mouse buttons simultaneously
Dual Key Press


Press any two keys simultaneously (alphanumeric keys)





Briefly press the shift key


briefly press the control key


In the NUIA Settings you can adapt the above mentioned input methods for the Quick Click ("Quick Click Trigger") to your wishes. However, we recommend right-handers to use the right shift or right control key, as the left keys are often used for other shortcuts. Please read the article "What properties can be changed in the settings"?

The Quick Click is most effective when your application is supported by NUIA (e.g. as a standard application: Power Point). Buttons in the toolbars are immediately identified by your gaze and marked blue (see following figure). This marking helps you to trigger the viewed element via Quick Click.

new foil
Example of a marked button ("new foil") in PowerPoint


You may have noticed, especially at the beginning, that NUIA often highlights several neighbouring elements in blue. If you use a Quick Click on these elements, NUIA offers you a choice with the Gaze Selectors. NUIA recognizes in which area your gaze data is too inaccurate and reacts accordingly. You should know that NUIA learns over time. The better or more accurate your gaze data becomes with NUIA, the more accurately NUIA will show you the selection of elements you are looking at. That means, the longer you work with NUIA, the more accurate and targeted your Quick Clicks will be.

We advise you to set the icon size as large as possible in the respective applications you use, to ensure a more pleasant use with NUIA. In the following article "Changing the icon size in selected applications" we have summarized a list of known applications how you can change the button size.

Example of a Quick Click with inaccurate gaze data

Note: If you hold down the Quick Click button for longer than 1.5 seconds, the Quick Click will be aborted.