What do I need to know about the eye tracker?

Eye Tracker

  • Make sure that the eye trackers are correctly and stably attached to the monitor
  • Avoid direct sunlight on the eye trackers or other strong light sources
  • Keep your eye trackers clean

Sitting position

  • Make sure that you are sitting/standing as usual and that you are centered in front of the eye tracker (the distance for a proper recognition is 45 to 100 cm)
  • Your eye trackers should always be facing you so that they can see your eyes well 

USB slot

  • The eye trackers need a stable power supply. It is best to plug your eye trackers directly into a PC, docking station or USB hub with power supply.
  • We do not recommend connecting the eye trackers to a USB hub with multiple other input devices (such as a mouse or keyboard), as there may be problems between the different input devices.