What is a KPI Phase?

A KPI phase enables you to analyze exactly which advantages NUIA brings to your employees.

For this purpose, NUIA can log the usage at selected workstations in detail and anonymously over a period of 4-6 weeks and 4tiitoo KPI analysts can create a comprehensive evaluation on this data basis:

  • What benefits and savings does NUIA offer in the current configuration
  • Which applications are suitable for further customizing
  • How satisfied your employees are with using NUIA

In order to obtain statistical information, NUIA KPI phases recommend 10-15 workstations from each area in which NUIA is to be used. Many of our customers take advantage of this opportunity to plan the roll-out in their company and to tackle the greatest savings potential first.

Of course, it is also possible to manage KPI phases after a successful roll-out in order to measure long-term success and identify potential for further customizing.