How does NUIA work?

NUIA acts as a bridge between eye tracking devices and various applications, translating gaze data into executable commands. Designed and implemented as a middle layer for Windows, it meets minimal system requirements, making it easy to introduce eye tracking to any workplace.


Our activities focus on computer interaction using gaze data. We are completely independent of manufacturers and can support all common eye tracking sensors, regardless of whether they are external eye trackers or integrated into laptops and monitors. Additionally, NUIA can also integrate speech recognition frameworks to enable comprehensive, intuitive human-computer interaction.

App API/Windows API:

No adjustments are needed to the supported applications for NUIA to be used at your workplaces. All functionalities are provided through the installation of NUIA. For this, NUIA dynamically connects to the respective applications and the Windows operating system via their standard interfaces.


NUIA generally supports all applications and web services. Moreover, premium features have been developed for common business applications, from Microsoft Office to SAP, ServiceNow, and Siemens NX. These premium features can easily be developed for additional applications to maximize the benefits of eye control in everyday workflows.