Which data are recorded during the KPI phase?

In the KPI phase only anonymous data is collected. No conclusions can be drawn on the basis of the received data on certain persons. Your data will be kept strictly confidential.

There is a "whitelist" in the KPI phase. This is used to manage the KPI data. It only gives us information about the company name and the department. In addition to this information, the whitelist also contains the applications that may be recognized (in agreement with the respective company). This means that NUIA stores the process name of the respective application that a user uses with NUIA. The process names help us to find out in which application NUIA has helped you the most or where we could help you even better. Whoever uses this application remains anonymous.

The collected KPI data contains quantitative as well as qualitative data.

Here are examples for quantitative data:

  • x,y  coordinates of the gaze
  • x,y coordinates of the mouse cursor
  • total number of used NUIA features
  • total number of hours of active NUIA use
  • further general user data, which are collected from the KPI surveys (number of people who wear glasses/contact lenses, number of right-/left-handers, etc.)

Note: You can view your recorded data yourself at any time. These are stored locally on your computer in the "ProgramData" folder (C:\ProgramData\4tiitoo NUIA). This file has the type "Data Base File" and the file name with the following name pattern: NUIAEvents_XXXXXX.db. To view this file, you need a database browser (such as "SQLite Browser").


Qualitative data:

  • Feedback in text form from the KPI surveys

All these data help both our customers and us to recognize the real benefits of NUIA Productivity+ and to further optimize it if necessary.
If you have further detailed questions regarding data recording during the KPI phase, please do not hesitate to contact us.