Auto Gaze Button - click buttons directly per gaze

Auto Gaze Buttons are buttons created by NUIA, which are located on the surface of the respective application and immediately execute an action when the user looks at them.

An example for an Auto Gaze Button is the so-called NUIA Button  in the browser. It shows you the possibility to perform completely hands-free actions (e.g. scrolling up to the top of the page).

These Auto Gaze Buttons react to a certain dwell time of your gaze. This dwell time can vary for the respective use case (80ms - 500ms).

This immediate triggering of a button is to be used with caution and is usually individually adapted by us for specific applications. If used correctly, it can lead to very efficient operation. For example, similar to the NUIA Button, Short Cut functions can be assigned to the Auto Gaze Buttons.

If you have any wishes regarding the integration of Auto Gaze Buttons in your application, please feel free to contact us by mail. Write to