How can I perform a clean uninstallation of the Tobii software and drivers?

This guide is for those who want to switch to another generation of a Tobii eye tracker or if there is a problem with the Tobii eye tracker for which reinstalling is necessary or advisable.

The following steps require that the logged user can run software as Administrator. If you cannot, please contact your IT administrator.

  1. Unplug all eye trackers
  2. Uninstall any Tobii software in your "Apps & Features" (typically this step applies only if you had the 4th generation software installed).
    How to navigate to "Apps&Features" in Windows 10: right click on Windows Start menu > Navigate to "Apps & Features"
  3. Go to Windows-Start and search for "Device Manager". Select "Show hidden devices" from the menu "View".
  4. Uninstall any "EyeChip" in your device manager, listed under "Universal Serial Bus Device" and make sure to also remove the driver software by selecting the checkbox.