How can I test/improve the calibration?

1. General information gaze data

NUIA improves your gaze with every mouse click over the time. Every time you look and click somewhere, NUIA learns to improve the accuracy of your gaze point and also learns about your work behaviour to improve your workflow.

To check the accuracy of your calibration, you can visually display your gaze point (Traymenu < Show my gaze).


2. Precision Training

When you notice that your gaze point is not that accurate, you can use the Precision Training where you can improve the accuracy by playing several mini games. While playing the game, NUIA will update your gaze data with every single click.

In those games, you can even chose specific areas, in which you have difficulties.


3. Recalibration

If the gaze point is very inaccurate and was not improved by using the Precision Training, we recommend you to recalibrate your Eye Tracker (Traymenu < Eye Tracker Profiles < Recalibrate).

Please note that this should only be done if the accuracy was not improved at all as NUIA will reset all your gaze data which means that consisting improvements will be deleted.



If you still notice a very high inaccuracy of your viewpoint after several recalibrations, you can also try to have only one eye (left/right) calibrated for your eye tracker (Traymenu < Eye Tracker Profiles < Create new profile).

Please note that with some eye tracker models a visual impairment (from ~4 diopters, astigmatism, anisometropia, etc.) or Varifocals can play a role for an exact recording of the eye data