How to upload my KPI Data manually?

1. Open the NUIA settings and go to "KPI Phase"

2. Click the round "KPI Upload" Button in the upper right corner. The older your KPI data is, the fuller this round button becomes and the more urgent the request from NUIA to upload your KPI data becomes.

3. A dialog window for the local storage of your KPI data opens for the upload

Note: After you saved your KPI Data (zip-file), these data will be deleted from your local database automatically. Please DO NOT delete this file before you uploaded it successfully.

4. After storage, the KPI data can be uploaded to our web-based platform. You can also change the location at any time. By default, the KPI data is saved as a zip file on your desktop.

5. After a successful upload, you can delete the zip file on your desktop.

Note: We recommend to upload the KPI data regularly. If you do not upload your data for a longer period of time (approx. more than one week), NUIA will notify you (see figure below).