Why does the NUIA Icon in the taskbar change?

You may have noticed that the NUIA icon in the taskbar sometimes changes its appearance.
Each appearance has its own meaning. This article explains the possible states of the NUIA Icon in more detail.


Different Colors

NUIA is off. NUIA functionalities are therefore not available.
NUIA launches.
NUIA is on. However, the application you are currently using has no specific NUIA support.
NUIA is on. NUIA supports the application you are currently using.



When the NUIA icon fills up, it means that you have received a notification. You can recall this in the NUIA tray menu under "You have X unread notification".


With Eyes

The two white dots in the NUIA icon represent your eyes. However, these only appear if you have switched off the Tobii Services in the NUIA Settings. This additional setting improves the overall CPU usage of your computer. You can read more about this topic in this article "What properties can be changed in the settings?".

With this additional information you always know the status of your Eyetracker. 

The eye tracker recognizes your eyes and NUIA successfully receives your gaze data.

The eye tracker does NOT recognize your eyes at this moment. NUIA does not receive your gaze data. This can have the following reasons:

  • You are too far away from your eye tracker
  • Something obscures your eye tracker
  • Your eyes are out of range of the eye tracker

The exclamation mark means that NUIA does not receive any gaze data from you. This may be due to the following reasons:

  • Eyetracker is not connected
  • No eye tracker profile is selected
  • Eyetracker has not been configured yet
  • There are other problems with the eyetracker