Click with the gaze


NUIA offers you several possibilities to click with your gaze for different use cases:

All three options have their benefits in different situations and help you to click your element with the gaze.

The Quick Click is in itself equivalent to the normal left mouse click. The special feature is that you place the click with your gaze. So you can trigger a mouse click everywhere on your monitor with the Quick Click without having to take your mouse in your hand or move it. The Quick Click is really effective if the respective application is supported by NUIA. Only then are individual control elements (e.g. buttons in the navigation bar/toolbar) immediately recognized by NUIA at the current gaze and marked for you so that you can click accurately with the Quick Click. You can read more about what this looks like and how to trigger a Quick Click in the article "Quick Click - look and click ".

The Gaze Selectors give you the possibility to activate a clickable element only with your eyes. There are two different use cases:

  • Complete hands-free operation with your computer:

When you look at certain buttons/elements, gaze selectors automatically appear on these elements and you can perform actions only with your gaze (e.g. to minimize/maximize/close Windows windows, to abort/save/confirm dialog windows or to select/close/reopen tabs in the browser). These particular elements are marked with a small blue circle below the element.

  • After a Quick Click:

If a Quick Click is set on several elements and there is no blue hightlighting on a certain element, the Gaze Selectors appear at the respective elements. You can then click on the desired element with the corresponding Gaze Selector (e.g. links in browsers or list elements in Explorer).

You can read more details about the Gaze Selector in "Gaze Selector - Click Buttons with your gaze ".

The Auto Gaze Button is only integrated for dedicated applications. When you look at an Auto Gaze Button, an immediate action follows. These special buttons are integrated into your application by NUIA and explicitly controlled by NUIA.

Examples of this type of triggering are the NUIA Button  in the browser or the back/next buttons in the tutorial. An Auto Gaze button can be used in various situations and is very flexible in its form of interaction, therefore it requires a specific adaptation for your application. You can read more about this interaction option in "Auto Gaze Button - click buttons directly per gaze ".